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Wash That Grey Right out of Your Hair!

January 22nd, 2008 by admin

Gray hair is one of the most familiar signs of aging. It usually starts in late 30s and gradually increases the percentage on your scalp over the next few years. The loss of hair color is due to a gradual fall in melanin production in the hair bulb.
If you look at the hairs on a graying head you find a full range of color, from the normal shade through to white along each hair, and also from one hair to another. Usually people notice their first gray hairs near their temples. Then the grayness spreads to the crown, and later to the back of the head.

I’ve always found grey hair an attractive, distinguished look. In men that is. George Clooney anyone? For us women, we want to keep it the natural color for a long as possible. Recently there have been some excellent advancements in restorative methods for returning hair to its natural color for women as well as men.

I was recently presented with Retinex, a fancy sounding hair color restorative shampoo that uses a mixture of all natural ingredients instead of dyes and chemicals to treat graying hair.

According to the maker of Retinex, it is especially formulated to revive and replenish hair follicles at the cellular level, to restore premature white or gray hair to it’s original color. Using a combination of natural ingredients, Retinex effectively helps to inhibit the growth of premature white and gray hair. It strengthens hair pigment and revives melanin cells. Retinex restores natural hair color over time and results in thicker, healthier, natural locking hair.

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